Cyrious Software Launches Cyrious Online

10/23/2013 - 6:16 p.m.

Baton Rouge, LA - Cyrious Software is launching Cyrious Online to give digital printing, sign and graphic companies the power to create tailored websites (a.k.a Digital Storefronts) for each customer or group of customers. The software offers users the ability to design, approve and order on their own, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any device which can access the Internet. The process requires virtually no staff involvement from order through generation of a print-ready PDF.

Cyrious Online features custom products per website, an online WYSIWYG designer for customization, real-time artwork approval, integrated financial approval, print-ready PDF output, support for PayPal, and online chat integration for any help needed along the way.

The accessibility and ease of use makes this online ordering system ideal for frequent purchasers like  hospitals, restaurants, real estate, franchises, multi-location businesses, and more.  The built-in approval process also adds unique features for franchises and corporate approval chains where the orderer is not the payor.

Cain Goettelman, Principal at FLS Banners, and current Cyrious Online user, commented on their use of the customer websites, “We are using it to create indoor and outdoor displays that are pre-approved by the Corporate office for purchase and it will offer the ability for the Franchisee to personalize their in-store display based on a pre-defined template. Prior to Cyrious Online, I wasn’t able to service these customers. Having this software actually allowed us to acquire this account.”

Kimberly Boyle, Senior Account Manager of Vivid Ink, believes in the value of this type of service. “We wrote our own online ordering system about 7 or 8 years ago. Now, it is just too old and cumbersome. We are getting rid of that and going to Cyrious Online.” Using Cyrious Online, Vivid Ink will also be able to capture additional customers.  “We are using Cyrious Online to capture the major realtors in our region by giving them a customized online website and access to the standard templates they need.  The realtor only needs to customize their name and local number. Everything else is standard which makes it really easy for realtors to order.”

Users can sign up for Cyrious Online starting at $74 per month without signing a contract. For complete product details and pricing, visit

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