Latest Releases to Cyrious Online

1/27/2014 - 6:04 p.m.

Recently Released

You probably already noticed many of the new features this month, but in case you missed any here is a recap:

Order Status Expansion
Previously, managing your WIP was something that was done outside of Cyrious Online.  New statuses were added (and the capability to change a status), so the life cycle of an order status now looks like: Pre-Release > Released (to Production) > A/Rs ® Closed.

The first two statuses represent work-in-process (WIP).  Marking something as Shipped moved it out of WIP and into A/Rs.  When it is marked as paid, it moved to Closed. You will find buttons to mark an order as shipped and/or paid on the job board or on the order details page.

Custom Web Addresses
If you’ve been waiting to implement your customized domain, wait no more.  You can now add your own URL, (e.g. or  If you are interested, please be sure to check out the details on the WIKI here before you purchase a domain or SSL certificate.

Formatted Custom Product Attributes
Several of you have asked for the ability to use full formatting control for text attributes to create text custom attributes that support rich text (fonts, bold, etc.).   Now you have that!  It’s a new type of custom attribute you can add to any product.

Full Non-US Currency Support
Many of our customers are operating in both the US and Canada.  Now, for each customer website, you can now specify the currency to be used.  The numbers remain the same (that is, it doesn’t convert any prices), but the display and payments connections (including with PayPal) will now operate any of the following currencies:  US$, CAD$, £, €, and others as the need arises.

Guided Tours
Over the next few weeks, you'll see guided tours rolled out that walk you and other employees through many of the screens in Cyrious Online.  Currently we are not releasing any tours that would show up for your contacts, but are very interested in what you think of the idea.

Up Next

But wait … there’s even more!  You may have noticed that the development team completed most of the Under Construction list we listed on the December newsletter, but we are always planning and adding more.  A few of the coming features (in order of their expected release) are:

Attached Files
In addition to downloading PDF's and embedded artwork, you can let users attach files directly to orders.

PDF Improvement
We’ve overhauled our PDF engine.  It’s all under-the-hood work, but think faster generation and better support for embedded graphics.  It's also a part of the next item on the list.

Enhanced Color Management System
Color management is getting a rework to support integrated CMYK, Pantone, and spot colors in your PDF output.  The first part of this was to replace the PDF engine which is now done.

On Deck

We have several major projects which are in various stages of study and development. You won't see them this month, and perhaps not this quarter, but you will see them soon enough.

Cyrious Control Integration
This feature will synchronize the customer and orders between Cyrious Control and Cyrious Online, giving you the best of both worlds.  Of course, there is a lot of "magic" in the process, but we are excited about how this is shaping up.

Direct Credit Card Processing
You can already accept credit cards through PayPal (without an account), but many of you have requested the option to process credit cards directly.  We hear you and we plan to be there soon!

There are also lots of minor projects we are planning.  There are too many to list here, but you will continue to see new and more powerful features in Cyrious Online.

And Beyond

Keep your ideas coming; we want to know what YOU want to see in the next version.

As always, the best way to contact us is to use the Online Chat located at the bottom of any employee login screen.  You will be chatting with an online specialist here in our home office, so the feedback registers immediately!

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