Cyrious International

With customers in six out of seven continents, Cyrious has experience providing estimating and business management systems to sign and graphics company in many different countries. We’ve tailored Cyrious Control to be able to handle the unique requirements of many different countries for:

  • Currency and date. Cyrious automatically uses the Windows currency and date formats.
  • Units. Cyrious can be configured for Metric or Imperial units.
  • Taxes. Cyrious works with VAT or Sales Tax countries.
  • Cyrious invoices and estimates conform to the regulations of most countries and can be easily modified if necessary.
  • Reporting.
  • Cyrious has limited translation in several languages.
  • Customized reports are available for any unique needs not already covered.

And if your country has a requirement that we haven’t yet built into the system, we’re always open to discussing adding it. 

Cyrious Software provides Technical Support and Training in English. Cyrious technical support is open from 13:30 PM GMT – 1:00 AM GMT support and provides off hours access options. Not all modules are available outside the U.S.A.

Control has turned our business around 100%. Every time I open our legacy system, I think to myself “How did we survive with this system?” Setting the system up does involve a lot of work, but the team at Cyrious has always been fantastic. I was concerned about the time difference and difficulties because of the distance, given Cyrious is in the USA and we’re in Australia. Truth is that we have received better service than we did with any local software provider.

James Henry, A.D.S. Australia
Victoria, Australia

We have increased our quantity of estimates by at least 120%; although we don’t win all of them, we have certainly improved our take up just by quoting. This would not have been possible without Cyrious Control. Cyrious Control has taken our Company from doing 4-5 estimates a day, the old way, to doing 15-20.

Grant Read, Fleetline Graphics
Botswana, Africa

Control has truly transformed the way we manage our workshop, from the quick estimates to our clients, to our daily spreadsheets of ‘work in progress.’ With a few clicks of the mouse we are able to obtain a large range of information critical to ensuring our business is performing correctly, both in production and job costing. Our clients also love our ability to produce...

Michael Kingdon, Vivid Images Ltd
Frankton–Hamilton, NZ