Complete solution for pricing and producing complex Architectural and ADA Signs:

  • Product specific screens.  Everything you need to price ADA or architectural jobs.
  • Price your way. Calculates price and cost per square inch, if you choose.
  • Is your production board out of date? See all of your jobs — with jobs status and due dates — dashboards in real time.
  • Missing deadlines & scrambling to order supplies? Control automatically creates a parts list and complete bill of materials to show you inventory so you can set a realistic due date.
  • Keep up with surveys and permits. Control converts the estimate to a work order then invoice — no re-writing, no missing info.

With Cyrious Software you always have accurate information about what you’re producing, who you’re invoicing, and when projects are due. You only have to input something once. We can do pretty complicated estimates in an hour.

Steve Gillispie
Acorn Sign Graphics