How Large and Wide Format clients remove their pricing and production bottlenecks:

  • What happens when your estimator is out? Give your team the ability to give a consistent, profitable quote no matter who creates it.
  • Wondering about profit? Know your estimated profit on every estimate before you send it. You won't forget to charge for scrap and extras.
  • Is your production board out of date? See all of your jobs — with jobs status and due dates — dashboards in real time.
  • Missing deadlines & scrambling to order supplies? Control automatically creates a parts list and shows inventory so you can set a realistic due date.
  • Duplicating the same info again and again? Control converts the estimate to a work order then invoice — no re-writing, no missing info.

Gorway moved to Control several years ago and haven’t looked back. The organization it brings to every facet of our business continues to impress me. The Cyrious crew is Serious about forward thinking, listening, and advancing this software.

Brian MacArthur